Workforce Personality Analysis Baseline

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Baseline Service Description

Average/expected duration for 1000+ employees 3-4 weeks

The Workforce Personality Analysis Baseline includes:

  1. Project manager and data analyst
  2. Essay-like questionnaire for electronic distribution to your employees
  3. Natural Language Processing to process answers written in their own words through our PPI system powered by IBM Watson
  4. Comparative persona report for each employee
  5. Personality likeness and outlier reports for each department and/or employee level/function you provide
  6. Ranked reports of employees having expressed potential susceptibility to stress and other risk-related traits

Formatting of data for your further analysis with platforms such as IBM Watson Studio or Tableau

$10,000 USD

Invoicing upon order

Enter the estimated number of individuals to be processed in the form below.

$5 USD

per individual test invoiced

prior to report delivery

Upon placing this order you will receive an invoice and engagement email to schedule a coordination call with your dedicated consultant. You will be provided with a PPI Personality Assessment questionnaire secured web link for you to distribute to your employees as soon as you are ready to engage them. The organization’s departmental and/or function segmentation will need to be provided subsequently and before the report processing phase for the comparative analysis reports. 

All data is stored on a dedicated and secured IBM Cloud instance for processing. Once the questionnaires are completed, all written text is discarded to ensure complete and absolute confidentiality and privacy. Only the personality traits result values are secured and stored for analysis. The PPI Cloud instance used to perform your Workforce Personality Analysis Baseline will be archived upon completion and is upgradable to a PPI Subscription for extended use as featured on our Projected Personality website (ProjectedPersonality.com).

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