Gaining insight into your workforce
is easier than you think.

How does the PPI work?

The PPI leverages machine learning whereby psychologists and behaviorists have educated the system to infer personality traits based on linguistic analytics. It is like sending the text we process to an army of psychologists for them to agree on what traits are detected.

How long does it take to retrieve results?

Once a questionnaire has been submitted by a participant, calculated traits are instantly returned to the portal for viewing by an administrator. Individual and Comparison reports can be emailed to the administrator through the portal as well.

How does the PPI compare to tests like Kolbe, Myers-Briggs and others?

The PPI revolutionizes the way companies conduct personality analytics by detecting and measuring the personality traits expressed in written responses to prompts defined by you, not by ranking the answers of predetermined questions.

Can I integrate the system to other sources of information like email or the documents in my organization?

The PPI offers an API interface that can communicate with your system to process emails and conduct deep analytics on the personality fluctuations of employees. Your Enterprise Document Management System (EDMS) and your enterprise search engine can be targeted to reveal and rank those documents.

How does the system manage data privacy?

When building a questionnaire, administrators have the ability to set a privacy policy, determining if the written answers will be kept or deleted by the system. The PPI does not require to keep a copy of the participant’s answers to analyze the measured traits.

Do I need to download or install any software to use the PPI?

No. All you need to use the PPI is access to the internet.

Training & Skills

What is a likeness?

A likeness is a computed pattern and score that is common to a selected group of participants. It is used to compare how a new participant measures up against a particular group. You can compare a new hire’s personality to your top performers’ likeness.

Do I have to build my own questionnaires?

Once you gain access to the PPI portal, you will find pre-built questionnaires included in the Admin > Forms page. These serve as templates that can be immediately sent to your organization, or modified to your needs.

How are the questions tied to traits and ranking?

Questions are designed to reveal the trait the PPI seeks to detect. The ranking is the degree of confidence the targeted trait has detected from the natural language of the author.

How does the system provide team likeness?

The PPI reveals over 50 personality facets for each employee. The PPI runs comparative analytics on selected groups to learn their commonalities. The next time an employee’s writing is analyzed, the system will compare and rank the results to that of other groups.

Can questions be customized to a particular industry?

Absolutely. Crafting questions to feel more familiar and to be more contextual to the employee and their potential role within the organization will help them be more expressive and allow targeted results.

What are the different ways to render results?

A standard report shows the employee’s specific traits and likenesses as defined by the organization. Custom reports can be formatted to the desired outcome. Results can be returned as JSON, and also published for use with IBM Watson Studio and Data Science platform.
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